Be someone you IMAGINE

12 Jan

ImageTime, you just have to wait that call for you to realize what you really wanted to be. When we were young and innocent, we like to see ourselves as princesses, rockstars, probably as an astronaut or a teacher! Admit it, you did imagine yourself in those ways! But, when we grew older, we wanted to make something unusual, something that can influence others (for good); as I said, TIME will let you know what you wanted to be.

The key that makes someone successful is his/her imagination. I am not yet in the place i picture myself to be in, but I’m in the process towards it.

When you wanted something to happen/to have, imagine;because once you imagine, it motivates you. And once you become motivated, the determination to ACT will lead you to success.

You may see me as an ordinary 16-year-old teenager, but as a sociology major, I observe things that matter for a lifetime.